Who Owns You?

Who owns your home, your car, your savings and all you possess? The accumulation of material goods will make life more comfortable but cannot substitute the spiritual security and contentment we have in Christ. If the Lord is not at the centre of your life then when material loss threatens you, you will feel that God has let you down. When John Wesley’s house burned down, he said, “The Lord’s house burned, one less responsibility for me. All I have is His. All I am is His. I belong to Him”.

In these difficult times value and appreciate what you have because if you should lose it, it wasn’t yours to keep.

We need to give up ownership rights and know that what we possess belongs to God and we are only the custodians of it.

Keep reminding yourself of who really owns you. This will help you to use things wisely. Hold them lightly and enjoy them fully.

The Lord owns the gold in every mine, The cattle on the hills and according to His Sovereign Will, grants me the honour and privilege to look after what is His.

The real measure of our wealth is what we own in Heaven.

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